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Good reference to those who's learning =)

I could swear it was a girl until I saw the end xD

Cannot say what is the best part

Too much funny references that I can't even recall all of that.

I LOLed with the Chris Walken in Weapon of Choice part.

And like I said in another review, it looks like South Park. Now I realize that the crappy animation is purposital. I also LOLed when Vegeta changed bodies with Scrooge and Scrooge's drawing became more accurate hahaha.

That camera turning when Vegeta steps out the ship is awesome.

Good job.

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This is Newgrounds juice

"If you're gonna dump on people the kind of the steaming, stinking, smelling dump that your kind traffics in, at least stand by your dump."

- Bill Maher.

GOTY 2021/22/23.

Liked the ambientation and the puzzles
And thanks - really, THANKS - for not throwin' in that cheap jumpscares. That's not funny, seriously.

And, if you allow me a bit of constructive criticism, I was reading the answer you gave to Soullock down below about hearing impairing and sound. You said basically "Yeah, my game have problems of acessibillity, but you can see other games have too". We're talking about YOUR game here. It's about you adressing the issue, the others athe others. So, if you want this unasked advice: be the one who defines what your game is, not the games or genres or whatever that may inspired it. ;)

Keep up the good job.

tRipGlyPh responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

Soullock touched theme of "any modern Point-n-Click games" and I gave an example of some non-modern games with similar mechanics. That's all.

About my game:

Probably I should have made a custom option to "facilitate sound riddles" or written a warning about the presence of musical puzzles in the introduction...

Anyway, I'll keep that in mind. Sorry.

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This song is DINO-TASTIC!


This make me think on...

Imagine a stage. Side scrooling plataformer.
The character runs at a incredibly speed. The imediate scenery (floor, buildings) pass by the screen at high speed too, while the far background follows up slower.

Then, in a sudden, the character jumps a huge gap. Only the slower background stays on screen while the character soars through the empty for a few seconds. He/she lands on the other side of the gap and resume running.

Something like the running stages from "Alien Storm".
The music fits perfectly.


Fits perfectly

Nice song for a creepy yet funny mood.

Remember me of Tim Burton's thing and the Addams Family as well.

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Peridot <3

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